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MARCH 2011

C’mon Spring!!!!! Hosta sprouts are shooting up. The buds are up there. We’ve had a couple of teaser days, so let’s go!!!!!!! The children and the teachers are psyched to be heading outside more often these days. It can be muddy in spots with a high chance of wet spots, so please do send in an extra set of play clothes in your back pack or leave one on site. We plan to go out every chance we get.

Please be sure that your child has their lunch/ snacks and drinks each day. We are bound by state regulations to ensure the children have the minimums as stated by them in our policies. If your child does not have a snack or meal, we must provide one for them. These are quite costly. Avoid these charges by marking which foods are snack vs. lunch etc. Explain to your children what they should eat and when. Little notes on napkins are helpful, and who doesn’t love a note in their lunch boxes!



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